A Rainbow Arch for the Playground

Several years ago we constructed a playground near the Primary School.  The project was sponsored by an American woman, Barbara Meislin, in honor of her daughter, Lori, who died tragically when still a child.  Lori's favorite color had been purple, and therefore all of the equipment was painted this color, and the entire playground was named, according to the donor's wish,  "Little Lady Lori's Purple Playground of Friendship."  Now, a few years on, Ms. Meislin again approached us with the wish to create and dedicate a rainbow arch at the entrance to the playground.  We willingly complied and, armed with a drawing by Ms. Meislin, approached a nearby iron workshop.  They looked at her artist's impression with interest, but said they needed an engineer's plan in order to execute it.  This too was arranged, and the plan went ahead according to the very letter of the donor's instructions.  On Sunday, October 18, the rainbow arch was delivered and installed.  It now graces the playground and the entire school area with a wonderful and optimistic flash of color.  Still to be added are inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic.  In the spring we hope to welcome Ms. Meislin for a visit, in order that she may personally dedicate her generous gift.

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