Responses to the Tuition support program

Judith Tuller (who provides tuition support for Sama, a Palestinian child of the village):

'One of the most gratifying ' and important things a Friend of NS/WAS can do is sponsor the education of a child in the primary school.

As a sponsor, you are providing essential support for the village's unique educational system. And, through letters and photos, you gain a wonderful sense of personal connection with the child, his or her family and the village. I keep Sama's photo on my desk along with those of my own children. I feel like she's part of my family.'

Zoe Schwartz (who provides tuition support for Hiday, a Jewish child from a nearby town): Providing a scholarship for Hiday has been as important to us as it has for him, she says. Making a difference in his life has been a deeply gratifying experience. And we know we are helping to educate a new generation of children in the art of peace.'

Zoe and Judith are just two of dozens of individuals and families who are helping the primary school while building ties with the children of NS/WAS.

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