Celebration of Ramadan,
Hannukah and Christmas

"Today we won't give speeches, but let things speak for themselves - but still let's say a few words as you arrive this evening:  the learning process that led up to today was rich, educational and moving for all of us - grownups and children alike.  We had an opportunity both to learn about ourselves and about other cultures.  Every day, we felt that our thirst was as deep as the water in the well, but the hands on the clock ran forward and here we are today with all that is spread before us."

Thus began the school and kindergarten's commemoration of the holy month of Ramadan and the Hannukah and Christmas festivals this year, which all fell close together this year.

The staff and the children worked quite intensively towards the event, preparing materials, explanatory information, activities and music.  The main display was in the auditorium, where a large exhibition of traditional motifs from the holidays, together with art works on related themes were presented together with explanatory material.  After browsing through this exhibition, parents and children were invited to the school and kindergarten, where activities had been prepared.  These included music and singing, quiz and board games based on the festivals, computer presentations and other educational diversions.

The days leading up to the event were an intercultural and interreligious experience that only an educational institution like the NSWAS school and kindergarten can create.  The preparations involved  children and teachers, as well as parents, who volunteered materials and help. The evening was enjoyable and interesting. 

Thanks to all those who helped in arranging the event, and to our supporters on the outside who made it possible.

(photos by D. Kitain and H. Shippin.
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