August 2000:  The NSWAS Primary School, its directors and staff, were awarded a "certificate of appreciation and recognition" by the Jerusalem Regional Educational Authority.

The Regional Education Authority, which oversees dozens of schools surrounding Jerusalem, chose our school as one of four to receive its valued annual award.  With the award came also a prize of a thousand Shekels for the purchase of school books.  The certificate bears the following inscription:

"for constant work in realizing the concept of coexistence and living together under one roof as Jews and Arabs, for constantly nurturing the heritage of the two peoples with mutual respect, while investing in various fields of study, and for continual effort to improve on its achievements.  'Go from success to success'".

As mentioned, the Education Authority gave the same award (with different wording) to three other schools this year. With its inimitable sense of balance, the Authority bestowed the prize also on a school in the Hebron area Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba.