Learning Together:
The Holidays of the Three Religions

School event, 11 March 2002

(edited by Daniela Kitaín)

Opening Words by Diana Shalufi-Rizek – Co-Principal

We, the staff members, sat together and pondered: can we allow ourselves to organize an event on the holidays of our three religions, while outside everything is being destroyed?

And we answered ourselves: YES! For the sake of sanity, for the sake of the sweet children who keep coming daily to school, for the sake of the parents who are worthy of all praises, who are remaining faithful, and – no less important – for our sake – for us, the staff members, we who are so much in need for empowerment, for positive energy that may fill us, so we can continue to be true and loyal to our journey and message.

So the event was organized – an evening of learning about three holidays belonging to our three religions – The New Higra Year of the Islam, the Jewish Passover and the Christian holiday of Easter.

The event started with an exhibition made by the children, which took place in The Auditorium. Parents and children came together to the big hall, which was divided into three parts, for each of the three holidays. In each part there was an exhibition of objects belonging to that holiday, which the children brought from their homes, decorated with drawings made by the children. Computers were brought from the school and the visitors could operate them to see the story of each holiday, its symbols, values and costumes. Everything was exhibited in Arabic and Hebrew, so that each one could get a direct impression in one’s own language and really learn and benefit.

In a special corner there were three stands with a quotation of Martin Luther King Jr. on violence translated into three languages. These are words that he had said from the depth of his soul and his message is so meaningful to our present situation, expressing something that was important for us to say.

Weeks of hard work of the children and teachers had been put into this event. The outcome was very moving. It was a pleasure to see the children teaching their parents the stories of the other religions. It was exciting to see the people standing there, reading together, exchanging impressions. It was so beautiful to experience the presence of so many dedicated people in these troubled and love-less times.

This event filled us with hope, touching upon the possibility that we shall yet reach other times when our two people will contribute to each other and enrich one another, instead of hating and killing one another. One day our dynamic conflict would still reach this stage where there is growth and mutual love between us.


Words of Martin Luther King Jr.
on Violence

“The Ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate… Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.


Martin Luther King, Jr.



To the teachers and the staff,

Thank you on the efforts you put into this wonderful event.
I wish you growth and success in your work and thank you very much.
Keep going forward and we are with you,
 with the help of God.

Widad Othman, Beit Tzafafa, Mother of A’adi

Congratulations on your activity, which gives hope and light in these dark days.
The exhibition that you have created is very
 impressive and moving
and I learned new things.

Ayelet Ofir-Oron

The event was organized and very beautiful and enabled us
to learn about the Hijra New Year and about Easter
things that we have not known.

Parents of Omer Eilat, 1st grade

To NS/WAS community,
The wonderful atmosphere her is like a beautiful island
in the difficult situation around us.

Thank you very much,

Drora Balaga, mothe of Shani, 4th grade

To the school - the principals, the teachers and the children,

Thank you very much on a great experience,
a charming exhibition and wonderful work.
We enjoyed and learned!

Shukran Jazilan ["thank you very much" in Arabic]

Ronit and Idan Tauner

This meeting is very beautiful –
 bringing us close to the religions,
learning the spiritual things of each sect and religion.
I enjoyed the exhibition very much.
The work and the results were wonderful.
The essence of this event is love, acceptance and an act of giving to all religions.
If only there were understanding and love
 and peace in our country
as those we experience here.

Na’amate, the mother of Majda, Rina and Sara

Congratulations, honored principals and teachers.
Thank you for your efforts – Well Done!

Salim Jabar, Abu Gosh

To the Oasis of Peace School,
I wish you progress and more days like this one,
which unite the people through learning and fun.


Jihad, mother of Shadi Haj-Yehie


Congratulations on a beautiful and enriching event.
It’s a miracle in these days that such a reality can survive.

The family of Inbar Ziv

Regards to all the staff.
Organizing this big exhibition on these sorrowful days
is a real proof to the uniqueness of this school
 and its teachers.
Congratulations. Continue in this direction.

The exhibition is very beautiful and full of information
 about the religions.
It teaches our young children to accept
 and honor each other.
And this is the heart of the target.

Your efforts are obvious. May God give you
 strength to go forward.
Thank you

Wafaa Hasin, mother of Ayat and Rawan

To the school staff.
After I roamed around the exhibition
 and saw the many visitors,
I would like to encourage your work for the success
 of this activity.

I have experienced so many encounters and discussions,
but this was much more than a celebration and a learning event about the holidays.
Especially because of what is happening these days
 and the school strike
of the day before, and the fact that each one
 could express his/her opinion
about the legitimacy of that strike.

Abdessalam Najjar

A very beautiful exhibition, which widens
 the horizons of the students,
strengthens the cooperation
 between them and between their families
and inspires an atmosphere
 of fraternity and love.

Francis Shufani

We were very impressed by all we saw and heard here
and we wish you strength and joy
in your very important work for a lasting peace

Ingeborg, Angelica and others
from the Catholic Integrated Community in Germany