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See you at the demonstration

Saturday 5 August 2006

Believe us when we say we have better things to do. Running a community, planning for the coming school year, or simply enjoying the summer. But, to the north, people continue to die unnecessarily and sometimes these include relatives and friends. And we are well aware that the roar of cannons in the north has shifted the world’s attention away from Gaza, where more than a hundred civilians and militants have been killed.

So Saturday brought yet another march through Tel Aviv in which a large number of NSWAS residents took part, some carrying a large new banner. If, in the beginning, we hoped the war would be over before a sign could be printed, now we only hope to be able to fold it away and leave it in the drawer.

At the demonstration some, like Yael Dayan, called to "end the just war", while the larger number called just to end the war. Based on our experience as a bi-national community, we join those who call for an immediate end to the violence, as well as for a determined effort to address the roots of the conflict. Without the latter, we will be needing that banner again in future wars, long before its colours fade.

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