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Silk Road

Tuesday 19 September 2017

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It was a magical evening.

On Tuesday, 19.9.2017, at 8:00 in the evening, we gathered in the Spiritual Center to listen to songs from village member Ibrahim Khatib’s recent album. The hall was full and the atmosphere was convivial. Ibrahim talked about his work, about the different musical pieces, about the band and about the artistic guidelines behind each composition. His words added life and meaning to the wonderful music we heard.

Daoud Boulus discussed his impressions of the compositions and the connection he finds between them and his personal world. He also spoke about his own feeling of connection with the different musical styles that influenced Ibrahim.

The pianist Yuval Admoni analyzed the album musically and also contributed to the understanding of the pieces. He spoke of both the differences and the similarities between Western classical music, in which he is expert, and Arab music, particularly classical Arab music.

At the end of the evening one of the participants said, "I did not think it could be so enjoyable to listen to music together with explanations about it."


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