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Sixth Grade Graduation Ceremony

Sunday 5 July 2009, by Frances Simmons

A large crowd of families, guests and villagers gathered in the late evening sun to see the sixth grade journey into the future. Groups of old WAS-NS scholars, who left the primary school in recent years, met in informal reunions at the village amphitheatre to watch this year’s graduation ceremony, sitting together reminiscing about the old times when this was them.

The sixth grade gave a dazzling performance, dramatising dreams of their futures. Costumes glittered, voices rang out, friends and family cheered and whistled their appreciation. It was a show amalgamating jazz, upbeat Arabic pop and hip hop; dance, theatre, singing and music; bright lights and a lively soundtrack; surreal underwater scenes, menacing legal battles and a menagerie of zoo animals.

The children have clearly set their sights high, all demonstrating clear ambitions. A class of thirteen graduated from WAS-NS this year, and what a diverse group of young individuals they are. The arts clearly inspire many of the students here, and the crowd on Sunday were astounded by scenes comprising music performed by the mesmerising singer Yathreb and accomplished pianist Edin; and by the confident moves of a rapper/dancer football player and aspiring actor, Ori, Sameh and Yasmin. The plastic arts were represented by the would-be architect Youssef, chef Faten and Georgette the fashion designer. All the children showed great empathy and a desire to work with, inspire and help others, such as Nour and Rimah who want to be a lawyer and a kindergarten teacher. Doctor Najdet and vet Khitin performed skits treating human and animal patients, and Ofek combined the two by treating humans with animal therapy.

The creativity and flourishing potential they displayed were impressive. The use of a mixture of Arabic and Hebrew - and constant slipping from one language to the other - showed that they are happy living and learning together as they have done at WAS-NS Primary School. Their confidence left the audience with little doubt that these children will continue to aim high, with the integrity and compassion that they show both on and off the stage.

It is certain that this year’s graduates will achieve not only the simple dream of a rewarding and secure material and professional future, but the subtle legacy that the WAS-NS educational system strives for: leading them to live together in harmony, setting an example that others only dream of and making it a reality.

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