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How to subscribe to this site using RSS
Sunday, 30 October 2005

You can subscribe to the NSWAS site via RSS news feeds.

RSS lets you quickly see headlines of the latest articles in any section. This means you don’t need to visit the website just to see if there is something new there. If you are trying to follow news at a number of websites, RSS is definitely a time saver.

If you have an RSS capable browser (such as Firefox, Opera, Safari), it will display a clickable icon in the location bar or the status bar), for any section of the NSWAS site. In Firefox, look for: rss button in the status bar.

On the NSWAS site RSS is set to pick up all new articles in the "Oasis of Peace" section (in the case of the English part of the site) but may not operate as broadly in other language areas of the site.

If your browser does not have its own button for RSS, some browsers may let you click on the RSS icon in the side bar of most NSWAS section pages, in order to obtain an RSS feed.

How does RSS work? That depends on your software. Various browsers, web portals, email clients and dedicated RSS aggregators have RSS functionality. There are many choices, so it is better to settle on a single system that works for you.

For more information on RSS, see the Wikipedia article, or the description of RSS at the BBC website.