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Spring Celebration at the PSCC

Thursday 26 March 2015

On March 21, to mark the first day of Spring, the PSCC organized a meeting for village members and people from nearby communities. The theme of the evening and the conversation was "Freedom" - What is freedom for me and how I can give it to another. We began the evening with a joint dinner and a short Jewish Havdalah ceremony, learning about freedom as it is mentioned in our various religions, and sitting together in sharing circles.

The evening was accompanied by a musical performance. The nuns of Emmaus spoke and sang with us, a group of activists from Germany who have opened a hotel and restaurant for refugees there. Among them was a person from Syria who lit a candle for the Syrian people. Nuns from the Philippines lit a candle for the Philippine people, Kafah from East Jerusalem lit a candle for Palestinians and Yair Auron lit a candle for the community and for those who suffer in our region and throughout the world.


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