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A hearty celebration in preparation of Passover

Thursday 14 April 2016

In preparation of Passover and the spring holidays, the school community celebrated together with a picnic, a drama presentation and music.

On a sunny Thursday morning, the children, teachers and some parents headed to the picnic grounds in the Abie Nathan corner of the pinewoods adjoining the village. There they prepared a picnic lunch, which included rolling dough to make matzos, grilling potatoes on a fire and baking matzot on a griddle, with the help of teachers and adults.

Everyone waited eagerly for the matzos, which naturally were served with chocolate spread.

After their meal, the children sat with Chaim, the music-teacher, to sing traditional holiday songs. Then they enjoyed a play based on the Passover story which some of the children had prepared. With great enjoyment the audience watched the young actors, who played their various roles with lots of enthusiasm and fun. The school celebration preceded a two week spring break that begins on Friday, April 15 for the Jewish children. Meanwhile, their Palestinian classmates will be returning from their own Spring recess, which fell on different dates this year. We wish all of our students a happy vacation and, for all who are celebrating, a happy Passover.

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Picnic before Pesach

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