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Celebrating Spring Renewal at the PSCC

Thursday 21 April 2016

On Saturday April 16th 2016 the PSCC celebrated a Spring Renewal with the participation of other organizations: Achva, Shalhevet Maccabim, Yozma, Birkat Shalom, Open House, Beney Haosher, The Anglican Church of Ramle, The Franciscan Church of Ramle, the Muslim Group of Ramle, and nuns from the Servitors Orphanage [1] in Bethlehem. The event had as its theme the symbolical transition from slavery to freedom, and the transition from holy days to weekdays. The evening included an inter-communal potluck dinner, prayers, song-singing, music and learning. There were circles of acquaintance and listening. The evening included a havdalah ceremony, Muslim prayer, learning from the Qur’an on the subject of brotherhood and tolerance of all peoples. Christians related to the connection between freedom and renewal. Both Arab and Jewish musicians took part, in order to create a very moving interreligious integration. About 80 adults and children took part, the majority religious.

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Photos from the celebration


[1Clothes and food were also collected for the orphanage.

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