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Strengthening Relations with The Alfred and Adele Davis Academy

Wednesday 22 May 2013, by Rita Boulos

Today, The Alfred and Adele Davis Academy from Atlanta, Georgia visited Neve Shalom Wahat al Salam. 70 students from the academy came, accompanied by Rabbi Micah Lapidus, the Director of Jewish and Hebrew studies. The Communications and Development staff received them in one of the village’s halls where they were informed about the history and ideology of the village. They also discussed the cooperative element between the Jews and Arabs living in the village. The tour continued after a brief Q&A session of a walk around the rest of the village.

At the primary school, the 6th graders and their teacher welcomed the Davis Academy students as they played on the lawn. The 6th graders paired up and the students from the academy got into small groups. Each pair of primary school students taught the small groups how to write Salam and Shalom as well as their own names in Hebrew and Arabic. The interaction was very enjoyable and quite unexpected. The students sang, played sports, and spoke together. When time was up, the Academy students gave colored pens to the children at the school as gifts, a very warm gesture.

This is the second year the Davis Academy has participated in our group tour and we hope to see more of them for many years to come.


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