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Swedish Association visits NSWAS

Tuesday 12 November 2013, by Christina Valentin, Public Relations

On Tuesday, November 12, a delegation from the Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vardförbundet) visited Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom.

The group, which included Ms. Sineva Ribeiro (President of the Association), Maria Hallen (project manager), Hannele Kangas (a department head) and Eva Nowak (president of a local branch), received an introduction and tour of the village, given by public relations and visiting groups coordinator Ms. Rita Boulos.

The Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vardförbundet) that organizes nurses, midwives, radiographers and biomedical scientists, is driving a SIDA-funded project since 2010. The project was set up in cooperation with the Palestinian Midwifery and Nursing Association (PNMA).

The focus of the project is on security for unions, as well as organizational issues with emphasis on the female members. The title of the project is: "Organizational Development and Leadership Training".

PNMA has opened several offices, and the proportion of women in the decision-making roles within the organisation has grown. PNMA also became full members of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) during the international meeting in Melbourne in May of this year.

Wahat-al Salam/Neve Shalom wishes to thank Ms. Sineva Ribeiro and the other members of the delegation for their interest in our community. We wish Vardförbundet all the best for its ongoing project. We look forward to future cooperation.


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