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The Anteater And The Jaguar: Is This Our Destiny?

Thursday 17 August 2017, by Bob Fenton

The Ahlan Café sits just beyond the olive tree at the circle when you enter Neve Shalom-Wahat al Salam. I have come to define the café as "Abraham’s Tent", or as others would say, "Ibrahim’s Tent". Its proprietors, Rayek and Dyana, welcome all those who come to visit the community, sharing not just good food, but also their wisdom and experience.

In August, Rayek published his new book, The Anteater and the Jaguar: Is This Our Destiny? A Story from the Oasis of Peace. (available on Amazon). In it, Rayek shares his journey in Israel, Palestine and in the Oasis of Peace, discusses the history of NSWAS and explores the questions: "Who are we politically?" "What is our stance toward the wider conflict?" "How can we bridge gaps between our two narratives? And more importantly, "How do we, in the face of the wider conflict, educate the children of the community?"

In this carefully written volume, Rayek describes his own unique personal perspective and journey. The Anteater And The Jaguar proudly joins the several books and many articles that have already been written about NSWAS, adding one more facet to the collective knowledge about life in this fascinating binational village.

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