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The School looks forward to the coming year

Monday 4 August 2008

When, a couple of years ago, the school ended its experiment with official ("State") status and reclaimed its autonomy, the risk was that the change might scare away some parents and teachers. The enrollment numbers at that time had been falling, but the bold move back to independence was made anyway. The school leadership was confident that this was the right direction and was prepared to assume full responsibility. In hindsight, the decision has proven its merit.

Today, the primary school is a recognized but independent institution, receiving limited funding from the Ministry of Education; following the state curriculum, but making its own educational and administrative decisions. And the educational framework is once again growing. 2008-2009 registration figures show an increase from 170 to 220 students, from nursery to 6th grade. The primary school will be one-third larger, with double classes in 1st and 3rd grades and a better balance between Jewish and Arab students. Additional communities will be sending their children to the school, including nearby kibbutzim Nachshon, Harel and Gezer. The larger student body will require more teachers, and the new staff will be integrated - for the first time – with the help of a written curriculum, a draft of which will be put to work this year, thanks to special funding. This curriculum development programme aims to establish model curricula for the teaching of core subjects in a binational Arab – Jewish framework.

Meanwhile, in August, instead of the laughter of children on the playground at recess, the school grounds resound with the shrieking and buzzing of electric saws and drills and the tac-tac-tac of staple-guns, as workers put in overtime hours to renovate classrooms and beautify the campus in preparation for the coming year.

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