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Update from Carmella (School Principal)

Monday 6 June 2016

Dear Friends,

The last three months were marked by many religious holidays and memorial days as well as by our first Peace Holiday at the School. The memorial days, such as Land Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Nakba Day are continual sad reminders about our peoples’ tragic past and present. But they also urge us to recognize the importance of education in building a just society with a future generation that will work for peace.

Because some of the national days present challenges to us all, but can’t be ignored, our Student Council suggested to come together in celebration of a common day of our own creation, that would symbolize our mission of peace. Accordingly, our first “Peace Holiday” took place on Saturday, May 7. Children, parents and teachers, as well as guests and members of the village, came to take part in this unique holiday, which from now on will be an important day in our school calendar.

We have and overwhelming number of applicants for the 1st grade and we have been meeting with them and their families. It is certain that we will be able to once again have two 1st grade class. In fact, we are currently considering the possibility of opening a third. In addition, the kindergarten is in high demand: more than 50 children were present at our application day. Since it is really important for us to find families who are committed to the School’s mission of peace-building, we were very interested in parents’ motivation in sending their children to the school.

In the final two months of the school year, we will be working on special days themed around school subjects like math and sports. In addition, we, will invite children and parents to participate in a writing workshop. These activities are now being organized by the teachers, parents and student committees and we are looking forward to report on them in our next Newsletter.

With your help it has been another great year of growth for the school. Thank you for your continuous support, your visits during the year, interest in our work, and for sharing our vision of a peaceful future for all our children in the region.

Best wishes,

Carmella Ferber,
& the staff and pupils of the WASNS Primary School

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