Media Village – fourth visit

November 30, 2002: Just three weeks after our last visit, two physicians (doctors Hijazi and El-Tamini), a nurse and a pharmacist, and additional volunteers from NSWAS, visited Al-Media again. This time, it wasn’t just to treat patients, but was also to distribute our gift of first aid kits to every family in the village. The kits were accompanied by greetings cards prepared by the NSWAS Primary School children.

Although we expected that there would be a smaller number of patients so soon after our previous visit, there were actually more than last time – 146 patients were treated, and 190 first aid kits were distributed, during the four hours we spent there. The villagers seemed to be very pleased with the first aid kits, despite having to wait while a village council member checked off their names and explained the use of the supplies that were contained there. As mentioned in previous reports, Al-Media completely lacks medical facilities, and this is shown by the large number of patients (almost 10% of the population) that turn up for the treatment days.   Some photos follow.

A village council member distributing the first aid kits

Salim explains a prescription

Young and old


Salim administers first aid

NSWAS members
 Salim Layos (nurse) and Adnan Manaa (pharmacist)


Village kids




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