Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians

April 13:  Medical Aid Project in the West Bank village of Beit Sira


 Immediate need:   Some NIS 16,000  ($3,350) is urgently needed to purchase medicines for the Palestinian village of Beit Sira (Ramallah district).

On Saturday April 13, NSWAS sent a medical team to Beit Sira, whose residents had been without medical attention for over three months.  The team of four doctors, a male nurse and a pharmacist, treated some 300 persons during several hours of voluntary work.  Though they brought medicines (contributed by NSWAS residents), the supply was depleted during the first hour.  They also wrote prescriptions, whose estimated cost is the sum mentioned above.

Beit Sira is a village of 3,000 people, just over the Green Line and bordering the affluent Israeli village of Maccabim.  It has been particularly hard hit by the closure since most of its residents had relied upon employment within Israel.

The village is situated on the main road between Gaza and Ramallah.  Several families had wayside businesses such as plant nurseries, marble supply, etc.  Some months ago the army closed and blocked the road, making entry to the village possible only by circuitous dirt roads, and destroying the livelihood of the villagers.  The village school has also been closed, since it is impossible for teachers to arrive.

Though NSWAS has helped Beit Sira at various times in recent years, the situation there has never been so serious.  Lacking employment, many families have exhausted all of their savings.  On Saturday, besides medicines, NSWAS residents also distributed a ton and a half of food (rice, sugar and flour).

 Medical Supplies to Ramallah and Jenin

The operation in Beit Sira followed another assistance effort undertaken by NSWAS just a week ago, when NIS 17,000 of medicines and medical supplies were distributed to Ramallah and Jenin hospitals.  Of this sum, NIS 13,500 came from NSWAS village residents themselves, and NIS 3,500 from donors to the earlier NSWAS Humanitarian Aid for Palestine effort.