A delivery of Food and medicines to Nablus

On Tuesday, May 28 we delivered a truck full of food to Nablus. The Arab facilitators of the SFP staff took it upon themselves to collect money and products and organize a truck that will go in to Nablus. We coordinated this project with the two organizations in Nablus that worked with us in educational activities before and even during the war.

A sum of about $ 4,000 was collected for this purpose, mainly from the various Arab communities where the facilitators live. This sum was enough to buy about seven tons of food, which was delivered to families in need.

With the food we also delivered $ 1,000 worth of medicines for some of the patients whom the medical delegation had treated the previous week.

Just a word about the logistics

It seems that when the situation is so complicated and violent, nothing is simple - it is almost impossible to collect money from the Jewish population. It is hard to find a truck driver willing to enter into the danger zone of the occupied territories. It is necessary to get permits from the Israeli army to enter the Palestinian territories. The passage through the road blocks; even with a permit, is slow, humiliating and dangerous - some soldiers seem to enjoy humiliating, others talk to you only through their gun barrels. Nevertheless we are determined to continue. The truck reached its destination and next Saturday we are going to two small villages with our medical delegation.