2003 and we are still volunteering

We thought that our project would only be one of "first aid," while waiting for the Ministry of Health to act, but the situation has not changed.  If anything, it has deteriorated because there is more violence and more despair. Our initiative is in its ninth month.

We want to share with you what has been happening with the Humanitarian Aid Project. In December we took Malak Taysir with her mother to the hospital, but she has not been operated on yet. It seems that two things are holding the medical staff back: there is a long waiting list for operating rooms and they are debating how to best treat her. She has been seen by two groups of specialists, plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons. We were very disappointed at first when we realized things were taking longer than we thought at first. After a week and a half we took Malak and her mother home because there was no point they stay away from their family just waiting, and we brought them in for the consultations. We have the support and help of one of the most important figures in the hospital, Prof. R. Walden, who is head of surgery and a member of Physicians for Human Rights.  He is helping to speed up the process. The good news is that Prof. Walden anticipates that Malak will start treatment in the next two weeks. We were all disappointed, but Mrs. Taysir was devastated, when we came to take them home from the ward, she didnít want to leave, she had so many hopes, and they were slipping away. We know now that this is just the speed of Israeli hospitals, but we also know that the doctors are committed, they have made it clear that they are dedicated to this case, both from the medical perspective and the humanitarian and political perspectives. We have friends and supporters there, and they are doing their best, it is going to be a long treatment and a painful one, we wish Malak the strength to endure it.

More from the HAP committee:

The next treatment day will take place on Jan. 25 in Beit Sira. The village is still barricaded, but we will cross the dirt blockades and enter. Because this is what neighbors do.