Malak Taiser

Case History

Malak Taiser is a five year old girl with 60% of her little body covered with third degree burns. She was injured from an accident with a heater at home in the village of Ne'elin in the Ramallah district.

The Background

Since September 2000 (when the second Intifada began), Palestinian villages have been cut off from the Israeli labour market, leaving most men unemployed and without a source of income.   There is no medical insurance in the Palestinian villages, and anyway, Palestinian hospitals lack the means to treat Malak's condition.  The result is that although Malak lives just half-an-hour from some of the best hospitals in the world, her condition would normally go untreated and deteriorate.

The Solution

Although on our medical aid days we have concentrated on clinical work, Malak's case melted the hearts of our physicians and we decided we must do something to help her.

With the help of our support network, we managed on July 18 to take Malak to Tel HaShomer hospital (just outside Tel Aviv).  This required arranging army permits for Malak and her mother, and the agreement of specialists at the hospital to assess her condition.

The hospital specialists had never seen such burns, since in Israel these would have been treated immediately, rather than be allowed to further jeapordise her health.  Yet their conclusion was that if she were to be admitted without further delay for intensive care and a series of surgical operations, she would have excellent chances of recovery.  They managed to obtain the agreement of the hospital to treat her at cost-price (a sum much lower than would be the cost to a normal patient)  However, due to the long hospital stay (60 days at $360 per day) and the complexity of the work required, including orthopaedic plastic surgery, even this price would be very high - some /$US 55,000!

Our Fundraising Campaign

Since this sum was far out of reach for the family, we knew we would require a serious fundraising campaign.  Since September we have been engaged with this, and it is wonderful to see how friends, supporters, and people unknown to us in the past have spontaneously come forward and offered help.  We are now much closer to our target.

Within the HAP program, we opened a special campaign for Malak. 


Malak Taiser

(pls note: the link opens a larger picture which shows her injuries.  This is unpleasant to view.)