Escalation in the Conflict

       Responses from NSWAS





Nov 4: Motorcade for Awakening: Civil Equality and Coexistence in the Negev

Oct 29: Guardian/ Observer article: Storms of war torment the hilltop oasis of serenity

Oct 25:  Responses of the School for Peace

Oct 24:  JTA Online article: Jewish-Arab coexistence groups
tested during these tense times

Oct 21:  NSWAS initiates a Motorcade for Jewish-Arab Awakening

Oct 12:  Israel's largest newspaper calls NSWAS an "Island of Sanity"    

Oct 11:  Some 200 people, representing a broad spectrum of peace organizations, meet in NSWAS for an emergency meeting 

Oct 9:  NSWAS consolidates to confront the escalation in the Conflict

Oct 9:  How the NSWAS School is coping with the situation

Oct 6:  NSWAS and other organizations make an appeal for peace.  The statement was published in the HaAretz newspaper

Oct 1:  NSWAS folk demonstrate against the violence at local junction      

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