Land Day

March 30 2001:  Many Arab and Jewish members of the Village took part in activities for the 25th anniversary of Land Day (Yaum al-Ardh).  The day commemorates the uprising in 1976 against land confiscation and the subsequent killing of six Arab demonstrators by the police.  The day was especially tense and significant this year.  And though it passed largely without violence in Israel, the day proved to be one of the bloodiest weekends ever on the Palestinian side of the Green Line.  It was also the first year in which a large number of Israeli Jews took part in the activities and expressed solidarity. Among the events attended were the demonstration in the Bedouin town of Rahat (near Beer Sheba), a march in Taibeh to the grave of Raafat Al-Zuheiri (a local resident killed in 1976), attendance in the main rally in the Galilee town of Sakhnin, and a visit to the unrecognized village of Zbedat (see story), near Haifa .  In Sakhnin, the day was doubly heavy since, not only was it the site of the main original Land Day uprising, but four of the thirteen killed last September-October were from Sakhnin.   In the Village itself, the day did not pass without controversy, since some residents expressed anger that the school continued with extracurricular sessions - as in the past, participation in the Arab sector's general strike and the day's events were left to the personal preference of the residents.





zbeidat30a.jpg (22757 bytes)

olive planting in Zbedat on Land Day