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Annual General Meeting
of the Friends' Associations of
Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam,
March 29 - 31 2000 

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of NSWAS took place on March 29 - 31 2000, with the participation of members of friends' associations from around the world.  The participants heard reports of current projects and development plans for NSWAS and exchanged views of possibilities to support the community from their countries. During the conference, the participants made a visit to the Trappist Abbey of Latroun, to celebrate the successful conclusion of negotiations over the land upon which NSWAS is established.  After the conference, the participants made a trip to Gaza, where they visited institutions and projects and met with officials.


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Rayek Rizek's 
opening presentation

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The Conference Table

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Development Report


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The School for Peace

(left to right Prof. Ariella Friedman
of Tel Aviv University,
Beshara Beshara and teacher
of the Galilee Christian School)


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Primary School Report


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Doumia / Sakina Report

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Hotel Report

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Introduction to the
 Arts and Cultural Centre

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Meeting with Abbot Paul
at the Trappist Abbey of Latroun



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