Development - May 1999


Negotiations with the Trappist Monastery of Latrun

Another meeting took place between NSWAS Secretary Rayek Rizek and Abbot Paul on the subject of the land transfer now being worked out between the Monastery and NSWAS. The agreement, which is almost ready for implementation, broadly involves the gift to NSWAS of approximately one half of the land that is now leased to NSWAS, in exchange for the return of the remaining half back to the Monastery.


Work is proceeding on three public building projects:

The Eisenberg Auditorium

The auditorium, which will comfortably seat four hundred persons, will be constructed of modern light building materials. Work is now proceeding on the foundations and infrastructure. The entire building is expected to be completed by August. The building will provide us with a much-needed facility for activities of every department in NSWAS.

The new Public Relations Office

After receiving committed donations from various friends' associations, we are proceeding with work on the new public relations office. The office will accommodate the PR and fundraising staff, publication equipment, archives on the development and work of the village, and a place to meet with individuals or small groups. The completion date for the building depends upon the receipt of additional funds committed by our friends' associations. Thanks to the American, the British, the German and the Italian friends for their contributions towards the project.

An additional classroom for the Primary School

An additional classroom is being built to provide the Primary School with space to help relieve existing congestion and permit the planned increase in enrollment in the coming school year.




rayek&abbott.jpg (30835 bytes)

Rayek Rizek with Abbot Paul


auditorium.jpg (51358 bytes)

Building the Auditorium


prbuilding.jpg (25234 bytes)

The new PR building