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Rayek Rizek

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Anwar Daoud


Annual NSWAS Elections, July 3, 2000

The annual elections for the NSWAS Secretary General and Secretariat took place Monday, July 3.  Anwar Daoud was elected as Secretary General, to replace Rayek Rizek, who has served in that capacity for the past three years. 

Elected by the plenum for the Secretariat were Ety Etlund, Tamar Frisch, Ayshe Najjar, Ruth Shouster, Michal Zak and Ahmad Hijazi.

The transfer of tenure to the new Secretary General and Secretariat will take place on September 15.

The Secretarial team, which is elected annually, serves as the overall steering committee of the village.  Its duties are to oversee financial, administrative and social issues.  The team meets on a voluntary (unpaid) basis, except for the Secretary General, who holds a full-time position.  This year it was decided to expand the committee from five to seven persons (including the Secretary General), in order to provide a wider representation of interests.  It is also the first time in many years that the elections were advanced to the beginning of summer, in order to allow sufficient time for transfer of authority.

Prior to the elections, Anwar proposed a broad program for improving the functioning of the village and its position within Israeli society, which the new team will attempt to carry out.