Elections in NSWAS

September 1999

The elections for the Secretary and the Secretariat of NSWAS took place on October 4.  This year the candidates for Secretary (the mayoral position) were Ety Edlund and Rayek Rizek (the incumbent).  Rayek was reelected for a third term.  He will be joined on the secretariat by Daoud Boulos, Ety Edlund, Dorit Shippin, Hezi Schuster, and Michal Zak.

Rayek and some of the new Secretariat members volunteered these comments:


I think the main reason I was elected for a third (one-year) term is because people saw my leadership as fair and balanced towards the various departments of the village.  According to my view of the village, every department is equally important for the good of the whole, and every person in it deserves respect.

 In my third term I hope to reap the fruit of some of the processes begun in the first two years, including a conclusion to the negotiations with the Latrun Monastery on the land, and an improvement in the administrative organization of NSWAS.  I will also work to improve the social fabric of the community.  The new Secretariat is excellently suited to all of these processes, since it gives a wide representation of the various departments and interests of the members.


My everyday involvement in capital development and fundraising for various projects in the village was behind my interest in becoming a secretariat member.  As a member I can be available for direct reporting to the secretariat.  Issues that need clarifications or ones that are in controversy can be dealt with expediently and without having to wait for reporting later.

 I also intend to present new ideas that will help improve the administration of funds, and help prevent the overall financial situation from reaching a critical point.

 The coming year will witness major developments and expansion of the village.

My hope is that we can move into the new millennium with renewed enthusiasm for our goals, and work together and support each other, because the umbrella of NS/WAS is big enough for all of us.  Only in this way can we improve our social life and inner relationships which can then reflect positively on our performance towards the outside.


 I feel there is a danger that we are too preoccupied with the things that divide us, and do not spend enough time on those that bring us together.  I think this is because we direct our activities towards the outside, without taking time to initiate community activities.  I therefore want us to invest more in social and cultural activities.  I think that this may bring about an improvement in the atmosphere of the community.  I will work towards this goal while on the Secretariat.


I want to help improve the administrative organization of the village, because I think this can move NSWAS closer to realizing its full potential.  I would like to see changes in the role of the Secretariat, and greater participation of the various departments in decision-making processes affecting the village as a whole.  I would also like to see an improvement in the financial administration and fundraising mechanisms.


I wanted to serve on the Secretariat in order to help take a part in the decision-making, especially in regard to the administrative organization of NSWAS.  As one of the people who helped frame the current arrangements a few years ago, I would like to help to improve them again now.  I see organization as something dynamic, which requires a continual process of adjustment.

I am also determined to help create a dialogue in the village to review our goals and ideals as a community, since it has been a while since we have sat down together to discuss these.










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