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Memorials for Tom Kita'in and Bruno Hussar

Feb. 14 2000:  Early February was, as always, a time of memorial services in the village.  On February 4, for Tom Kita'in, and on February 11, for NSWAS Founder Bruno Hussar.  To Tom's memorial came, besides the people of the village, many relatives and friends.

At Bruno's service, children of the village took turns in reading his "will" and members told some stories of their acquaintance with Bruno.  Jewish prayers were recited and Anne Le Meignen recited  the Lord's Prayer, which she said was Bruno's favorite.  Reuben Moskovitch, an old friend of Bruno and NSWAS, played on his harmonica some tunes which Bruno had loved .  

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Bruno's grave,
with Tom's grave behind it.



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Tom's grave



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