Meeting for new families at the seasonal opening of the swimming pool

Saturday, May 15, was the date set for an important event - at least to the members of the village - the opening of the swimming pool for the summer season. The Absorption Committee took advantage of the occasion to invite all of those families who had been accepted for residence in NSWAS. Current village members therefore had the opportunity to meet future residents. The happy occasion was well attended by both parties.

Today, NSWAS has about 32 families. The most recent addition was Vered and Yuval Zak, who came with their twin babies - Inbar and Meron. There are another 16 families who have passed through all the stages in the absorption process, except the most important stage - which is actually coming to live here! Out of these families, five are now building their houses. Others are in the planning stage. The village is enjoying something of a construction boom, since another four families already resident in the village are also building their permanent homes. All of the available lots under the current master plan have been taken. Further expansion will therefore only be possible under the yet-to-be approved new master plan.





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