Visit by President of the German Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse and Ambassador Rudolf Dressler

May 25:  NSWAS was honoured to receive in the village a delegation from Germany that included Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse and Rudolf Dressler. 

Mr. Thierse with Abdessalam Najjar

Mr. Thierse, who is a member of the honorary board of the German Friends of Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam, took time out from an intensive 2-day visit to Israel to come to the Village.  We took advantage of his coming to open the new building for volunteers, which has been constructed entirely from funding received from Germany.

Eti Edlund explains the Primary School to Mr. Thierse

The delegation was received by Abdessalam Najjar and other representatives of the village in the Administration Building.  They were then taken on a tour which included explanation of the School for Peace, the Primary School and the Guest House.  The highlight of the tour was the cutting of the ribbon to the entrance of the new volunteers building.  Rita Boulos read there some words of appreciation and hope that volunteers would be able to return to the village as in the past.  (Few have been willing, in recent months, to brave the security situation, and the Ministry of the Interior is currently making it difficult for those who do to enter the country.)

Cutting the ribbon at the new building

Ambassador Dressler (left) Mr. Thierse (right)

The new volunteer building

The visit of Mr. Thierse and the ambassador was a wonderful opportunity to refresh ties with the German government, which have remained strong from the early days of the village.