NSWAS Receives Annual UNICEF - Italy 2001 Prize

December 2001

NSWAS was one of two recipients of this year's annual award by the Italian Committee of UNICEF The award was given to two organizations that conduct work aiming to produce a better future for children.  The other recipient was Cesare de Florio La Rocca, President of AXI, the Adolescent and Child Protection and Defense Project, of Brazil.

An Arab and a Jewish delegate were sent to Milan to receive the prize on behalf of the village - Abdessalam Najjar and Yehezkel (Hezzi) Schouster.

The award giving events began with a press conference at 5 pm, December 10, at which officials from UNICEF and delegates of the recipient organizations spoke.  Abdessalam and Hezzi delivered their acceptance speeches (please see).  A large contingent of reporters from the printed and electronic media were on hand to record the event.  Representatives of the Italian Friends of NSWAS, and Abdessalam and Hezzi were interviewed.

Following the press conference, UNICEF staged a concert at the Teatro Nuova, with an appearance by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and singer Amii Stewart and the presence of Goodwill Ambassador Simona Marchini.

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The "Flower in the Desert" medallion, sculpted by Arnaldo Pomodoro

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Abdessalam Najjar


Yehezkel Schouster