Visit by Canadian delegation

January 14 2003: NSWAS was honoured by a visit from a delegation of distinguished Canadians.  These included MP Alexa McDonough, leader of the New Democratic Party; the Very Rev. Dr. Bill Phipps of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, Alberta writer and peace activist Carolyn Pogue and the journalist and academic David Berlin. The group are currently on a peace seeking mission of the Middle East (see link from NDP page), which includes visits to Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Territories.  In NSWAS they spoke with staff, members of the School for Peace and the Children's educational system. 

(Left to right) Very Rev. Bill Phipps, Carolyn Pogue, MP Alexa McDonough and David Berlin

As gifts, the group brought pictures by children in Canada, and a copy of a children's book, "A Creation Story" by Carolyn Pogue (illustrated by Chao Yu).


From NSWAS, the group took back posters, peace chains, a copy of The Oasis of Dreams (by Canadian Prof. Grace Feuerverger) and a copy of the Jan/Feb issue of the Canadian children's Magazine "Owl", which features two children from NSWAS (see the exciting Online version!).  They promised to remain in contact with the Canadian Friends of NSWAS, and to continue to support the community and efforts for peace in the Middle East.