Visitors in April 99

Joan Golder

On April 26-27 we were honored to receive Stanley and Joan Golder of the USA. The Golders are benefactors of the Primary School Language Center. They visited all of the institutions of the village and were hosted by various members informally.


On Wednesday, April 28 we were paid a visit by Elizabeth Kawakji, the Paris-based international director of UNESCO's Associated Schools Project (ASP) (to which our school belongs), together with a representative from Israel’s UNESCO activities. They were given a complete tour of the school and were duly impressed.

The same day there was a separate visit by the educational director of Israel’s Education Ministry Department for Arab schools Mr. Ali Asadi, together with assistant director Mr. Itzhak Cohen. They came to learn about the school in the hope of finding avenues for cooperation.

Globalearn team

Globalearn is an educational Internet site, which features educational expeditions around the world. The team of Globalearn stayed at our Guesthouse for three days. They chose Ranin Boulos and Naomi Mark as “hosts” for an investigative report on NSWAS. The idea was to gather information about NS/WAS and place it in their web site. The Globalearn Web Site is visited by thousands of people, in more than 40 countries and 50 US States.

Diplomats’ day

On Saturday April 17, members of the diplomatic community in Israel were invited – as every year – for a picnic in NSWAS. The day had ideal spring weather.  The guests were received first of all for light refreshments on the lawn. From there they proceeded to an area where exhibitions had been laid out on each of the departments of the village. A representative was on hand to explain the exhibits. Before lunchtime, Rayek Rizek spoke some introductory words, and this was followed by general tour. Afterwards, our visitors returned to the lawn where they and members of the village opened their picnic baskets and shared their goodies, exchanging conversation and information about the village and the home countries of our guests.

This year, participants came from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Rwanda, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavia, and the Vatican.