Interesting visitors (September 99)

Gershon Winkler, a former orthodox rabbi of New Mexico who mixes native American rites with Judaism, visited with a group of Americans. They were welcomed by Rayek Rizek, then Shai Schwartz conducted for them a workshop on spiritual and cultural identity.  On Thursday, September 28 they arranged a meeting in the orchard near the House of Silence, where they were joined by a Sufi from the Palestinian village of Dir Kadis, Sheikh Abu Saleh.  The Sheikh feels what he describes as a strong mystical motivation to be active in peace and reconciliation efforts with the Jewish people.  Several people from NSWAS joined the gathering, which included a celebration and a prayer for peace and the renewal of energy in NSWAS and the region.

We were happy to welcome two Japanese groups on September 16 :a group of 11 people from the Japan International Volunteer Center, and representatives of the Japan Center for Preventive Diplomacy.











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Japanese group (Abdessalam Najjar in center)