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Wish list for the Primary School: 2014

Wednesday 26 March 2014


The Primary School at Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam focuses on three main areas:

· Bilingual Multi-Cultural Education
· Environmental Education
· Healthy Living

The School’s pioneering work is supported only in part by the Ministry of Education and each year 20-30% of the budget must be raised from our friends around the world…

You can help with a donation that will help sustain and develop this unique educational approach, developing new leadership and building peace in the Middle East.

$10 - $25 can help purchase school supplies for each classroom

$25 - $50 can help purchase Hebrew and Arabic language literature books for the library

$50 - $100 will purchase art materials and musical instruments

$100 - $250 will renew toys and furniture in the kindergartens and sports equipment

$250 - $500 will purchase equipment for the greenhouse and food for the animal farm.

$800 will purchase either one professional microscope or 5 student microscopes for the Science room

$500 - $1,000 will support the community outreach program for parent & child coexistence activities

$1,000 - $2,500 supports tuition costs for a student in need

$1,000+ will help cover transportation costs for the 148 students who come to school every day from 16 towns in the area

$5,000 - will provide teacher training in bilingual multicultural education

$10,000 – will support the Environmental Art Program

$15 - $25,000 will help cover salary of a part-time librarian or library resources

$20,000 will allow us to create a fully equipped science room/lab.

$35 - $40,000 supports the bilingual multi-cultural educational model with a second homeroom language teacher in the classroom

Contact us for more information about each request.

Thank you for your attention,
The children and the staff of The Oasis of Peace Educational System.

for details on donating to NSWAS, please visit the here .

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