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“World Network of Singing Children” at the Primary School

Friday 25 November 2016

On November 24, 2016, the children from the third grade class at the WAS-NS primary school came together and sang songs of peace, directed by Randi Coray, accompanied by Ursula Glaus.

Randi Coray is a music teacher born in Norway and now living in Switzerland. She is the initiator of the “World Network of Singing Children”, a project that has been active for fifteen years. The concept is to build up a worldwide network of children who will sing songs of oneness and peace.

Ms. Coray provides the children with songs and music, while Ms. Glaus helps choreograph the movement of the children. Ms. Coray has helped produce or has received videos of children singing these peace songs in over six countries so far: Norway, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Ireland.

The third graders at Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom met for rehearsals for a week prior to performing. On the day of the performance, the children came together and sang the song “Rainbow”, under the school’s rainbow arch. Third grade student, Danielle, shared the lyrics:

When the sun shines through the rain
the rainbow is born.
Rainbow between earth and heaven.
Rainbow between you and me.
Rainbow between all the nations.
Rainbow colours sound in me.

Another third grade student, Layth, said he wants to see peace in the whole world and that is why his favorite song was Ms. Coray’s “Peace be within you”. Please see the music notes and lyrics of the song below:

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