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"Waah-at i-sal-aam" / Ne-vé shal-om" is Arabic and Hebrew for Oasis of Peace: an intentional community jointly established by Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. The village is located midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Information about the village and its outreach work follows.



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  • Helping a family from Gaza

    Tuesday 15 April 2014 by Communications and Development Office
    As part of the Humanitarian Aid Project, village member Rita Boulos has been assisting a Gazan family during their daughter’s hospital stay in Israel.
  • Celebration of Passover and Easter

    Thursday 3 April 2014 by C&D Office
    Just before the spring holidays, pupils at our primary school celebrate Passover and Easter with a trip to the forest and games there.
  • Wish list for the Primary School: 2014

    Wednesday 26 March 2014
    Support needs of the WAS-NS bi-national primary school for 2014
  • Remembering our dear friend Ambassador Sam Lewis

    Wednesday 26 March 2014 by Communications and Development Office ::
    Sam Lewis, who died this month, first visited in the 1970s and remained a supporter ever since.
  • School teachers to visit German school

    Tuesday 25 March 2014 by C&D Office
    Teachers from WAS-NS will be visiting Düsseldorf to check possibilities for a student exchange project.
  • Purim 2014

    Sunday 16 March 2014 by C&D Office ::
    Purim is a Jewish holiday recalling the rescue of the Jews in ancient Persia from an evil plot to destroy them. The school kids celebrated with a customary exchange of gifts) and fancy (...)
  • Good Deeds Day 2014 at the Primary School

    Tuesday 11 March 2014 by C&D Office
    Just before Purim, the school organised its second Good Deeds Day. Some kids were actually helping in their costumes. Every student helped out on campus. With spring well on the way, most of the (...)
  • Musical Journey at the Primary School

    Monday 17 February 2014 by C&D Office
    A trio of multi-instrumentalists takes the children on a musical journey through N. Africa, the Middle East and India.

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