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Books, DVDs and other resources available from NSWAS and its friends’ associations.

The following publications are available either from Israel or from any of the offices of Friends of NS/WAS. Payment may be made in equivalent currency. It will be appreciated if a small sum will be added where postage is involved.

Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam

- Oasis of Dreams
by Grace Feuerverger $25.00 / €27.00

The School for Peace

Identities in Dialogue
- English
- Arabic
- Hebrew
- German

Bruno Hussar:

- When the Cloud Lifted (Autobiography in English) $13.00 / €14.00.
- Quand la Nuee se Levait (Autobiography in French) $10.00 / €15.00
- Ein Weg der Versohnung (Autobiography in German) $10.00 / €15.00.
- Shalom, Bruno (Multi-language) $10.00 / €15.00

Evi Guggenheim Shbeta and Eyas Shbeta

- Le Mariage de la Paix: Au coeur du conflit, une Juive et un Palestinien dans le village de la tolérance. (French) € 18.05. In bookshops or Amazon
- Oase des Friedens: Wie eine Jüdin und ein Palästinenser in Israel ihre Liebe leben. (German) € 20,00. In bookshops or Amazon.de

Video Film

- English (PAL / NTSC format)

Others / Books whose sale benefits NSWAS

- No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow
From Amazon.com’s page: "If you have ever looked up at the sky after the rain, and had your spirit lifted by the sight of a rainbow, the message of this book will be clear. Even in the darkest of times the rainbow within our hearts can lead us to a path of renewed hope. When someone you love whether child or adult is experiencing feelings of uncertainty, grief, or loss, this true life story about a stolen rainbow will inspire healing, wholeness, and above all, hope."

- German language publications: Others available from
The German Friends of NSh/WAS

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